Friday, October 19, 2007

Of vegetables and a bag

I received a serious jolt that day. The manner in which little Nurin was found was a devastating experience for me. I really do not want to describe the gruesome find in detail. But eversince September 17, when little Nurin was found in a Diadora sports bag together with a cucumber and brinjal, I was terribly shaken.

I can no longer look at cucumbers and brinjals the same way. The other day, while watching an English Premier League interview on television, in the background was names of soccer sponsors. My eye suddenly caught the logo of Diadora...immediately I lost track of the television and my mind raced to little Nurin.

Oh Nurin! May your passing be a monument to the living that we should all protect and defend children....irrespective of colour, creed and culture.

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