Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Megan's Law

Just found out that the move to make public the National Registry of Sex Offenders in the United States came as a result of a tragedy - Megan Nicole Kanka. At the time of her brutal murder, she was 7 years old. Her head was smashed affer being raped and violently brutalised by a known sex offender living opposite the Kankas in New Jersey, United States.

The law requiring all 50 states in the United States to make public the sex offender list was named Megan's Law, in grim reminder of what happened to little Megan. The little angel, Megan, could have been anyone's child.

The Kankas have since started a foundation - The Megan Nicole Kanka Foundation - to champion the rights of parents to know if sex offenders live in their neighbourhood. Read more about Megan Kanka here.

And maybe, try remembering children who are constantly being subjected to abuse, pain and torture in various places all over the world. Say a prayer that they will all be rescued.

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