Monday, November 5, 2007

For Nurin & Preeshena

Dear PDRM,
How many more will have to suffer needless cruel death before you act and make these &^%$#@! perverts pay for their crime?

Will you continue in your sub-standard investigations? Or is this your way giving a message to the Government? Whatever the message is, we really don't know what you are doing to track the killers. Please, don't treat this lightly and leave no stone unturned until the pervert is caught.

I have some suggestions:
1. Expedite Nurin's Law to publicly list all sexual offenders.
2. Institute Nurin Alert system to empower all to look for children in distress.
3. Investigate all crimes against children, irrespective of race, colour, creed and culture.
4. Be professional, sensitive and yet be focused on why you are wearing the blue uniform.
5. We, the Rakyat will support you all the way to track these animals in human form.

Can you do it PDRM? Do you have the willpower?

Dear Nurin and Presheena, this blog is for you and all other children who suffered similar fate. How many more must fall?


Shimi Lara said...

Hi Prathab, just allerting you that the latest issue of TELL magazine is all about NURIN Alert. Get a copy and blog about it!

MaryKate said...

Hi there, nice blog. Let's move forward with NURIN ALERT!!